Using Twitter Chats for Business

Social Media for Business

Many creative business owners are looking for opportunities to connect with other indie artisans, small business owners, or content experts while also keeping abreast of the latest developments in their industry, social media, and handmade marketplaces. One way to do this  – from any location – is to participate in Twitter Chats. (If you’re new […]

Chat with Craft Experts Live!

CraftTwitterParty400px- Creative Income

Ever have questions about your craft business and really want to ask other people doing the same thing as you, but don’t know where or how? This is your chance! Creative Income Blog is hosting a little Twitter party where you can do just that. We’ll be hanging out for an hour talking with other […]

Twitter Tools to Help You Stay on Top


Let’s face it, managing social media for your craft business while at the same time creating product and running a business is a whole other job all in itself. Luckily the internet knows this and has come up with a ton of tools that you can use manage your Twitter followers, conversations, and even direct […]

Using Twitter For Business


I’m sure that you’ve heard of Twitter by now, as it is one of the most popular social media sites. Maybe you’ve signed up for an account and played with it a little, but are you using it for business? If not, you should be! Why should you use Twitter for business? Because it’s a […]

Learning To Tweet

I’m sure at this point you’ve at least heard of Twitter. Maybe you’ve even tried it out and thought that it wasn’t for you. Maybe you were too intimidated by its fast pace to really give it a chance. Well keep reading, we’ve attempted to demystify Twitter so that everyone can feel comfortable joining in! […]