Press Release Basics


Do you want to get more publicity for your business? Press Releases can help! Press Releases can help you get featured in your local paper, as well as in the national news! And don’t forget “modern” media – they can also help you connect with bloggers and podcasters. You can write a Press Release to […]

Creating Excellent Customer Service


There is a funny thing happening in the creative business world with our current economy. It seems that creative businesses may have been duped into thinking that their customers only want cheap and quick – at the expense of stellar customer service. The problem is, I can’t ever remember hearing a customer complain about getting […]

Working with Brands: The Sales Pitch

various type of tailoring tools on textile

You’ve seen other bloggers doing giveaways with their favorite craft companies or receiving “gifts” from craft companies that they can use in making projects and writing tutorials. Well I bet you’ve wondered “how do I make that happen for my blog?” The answer is surprisingly simple: Reach out to the company. Sounds too simple right? Well it […]

How to Use Your Competitors to Grow Your Business


Every business has competitors, it’s a fact of life, but you can transform yours into a business advantage by knowing more about their businesses. Watching their new products, marketing approach and sales tactics will give you an insight into how they run their businesses and maybe even some fresh ideas. Remember, just because your competition […]