Pinterest Personalization and What it Means for You


Pinterest Personalization If you have been on Pinterest lately you may have noticed that your Pinterest feed looks different than it did in the past. That is because Pinterest added a new “personalization” setting to your account. Which means you will see images from pinners that you haven’t even followed. Here’s how it works: When […]

Using Pinterest to Create Customer Profiles

How to Use Pinterest for Creative Businesses

Today we are going to take two posts that I’ve written here—Creating Audience Profiles and How to Use Pinterest for Creative Businesses—and mash them together for a really fun project. Ready? In the first post I gave you all sorts of insight about creating audience profiles using analytics from Facebook and Google. Today I want […]

Pinning Your Way to Success


We’ve all heard of and been part of the Pinterest machine by now. It’s hard not to get sucked in! There are so many beautiful craft projects, ideas, and inspirations on that site. We have to admit, we’ve been sucked in too. That’s right! We’ve been pinning away and trying to not get out of […]