How to Track Business Expenses: 8 Tips for the Small Business Owner

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There are the fun parts of owning a small business: meeting new people, expressing your creativity, and earning money. Plus, there’s the not so fun parts: paper work, taxes, and tracking expenses. Let’s see if we can make that second part a little less painful with a few tips for tracking business expenses. When you […]

3 Tips: How to Tackle Your To-Do List and Rule Your Crafty Business

The to-do list… an essential part of small business organization. They can be daunting, but they’re necessary for remembering what needs to be worked on for a particular day, week, or month, and they’ll help you Stop Procrastinating. Instead of being intimidated by your to-do list, use the following hints to make it much easier! […]

3 Tips for Organizing Anything

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Now that summer is here, have you finished your spring cleaning and organizing? Neither have I! Organizing is an endless challenge with new “stuff” arriving every day: stuff via email, stuff via snail mail, stuff from your child’s school, stuff from work, stuff that we purchase. Stuff, stuff, stuff! Dealing with all the stuff cluttering […]

Email Organization for Crafty Business Owners


Something as simple as emails can quickly become overwhelming for a crafty business owner.  It’s so easy to forget to respond to that really important message or to let them pile up in your inbox.  Let’s look at a few ways to make email management a breeze! Create Separate Email Accounts When you start your […]