3 Simple Ways to Save Money and Increase Profits for Your Craft Business

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Running a handmade craft business requires a lot of discipline and dedication- both creatively and financially. Effectively managing your expenses is so important for success because every little bit adds up. Not only should you watch the cost of supplies you buy for your business, but time is also as valuable as money (you know […]

Your Creative Business: 6 Ways to Create Multiple Streams of Income

A Creative Income guest post by Jennifer Priest, owner of Hydrangea Hippo! If you have a creative business, you’re already making money in some way. Maybe you have a robust Etsy shop or a popular craft blog or are just starting to build a YouTube following. Maybe you’re working on all three of these ideas. […]

Why You Should Do Your Own Accounting and Learn Quickbooks (with a CPA’s help)


Disclosure: I am not an accountant. You should seek advice from a qualified accountant on all financial decisions for your business. Being a creative, the last thing you probably want to do is get intimate with your bank statements and bury yourself in spreadsheets and stacks of receipts. We all know how important keeping on […]

3 Reasons You Should Print Your Own Shipping Labels


In running any kind of business, wasted time equals money and hours you can never get back. One way I increased my productivity and simplified the mailing process was by using shipping labels to send out orders. Whether you sell your products on Etsy, Ebay, or through your own website or email communication, shipping labels […]

Saving Green and Being Green: Reasons to Use Upcycled Materials in Your Craft Business


Let’s face it, the internet has cut down the costs and efforts of starting your own business significantly, but this doesn’t mean that it’s free or cheap even. Materials are expensive and they will drive up the costs of your finished products. Just because you know how much the materials cost does not mean your […]