Top Trends for Winter 2015

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Trends are important to a creative business owner. Staying on top of trends helps us know what shoppers might be looking for and it helps us to hone in on who our core customer is. The problem is that trends come and go. And in this day and age, they come and go rather quickly. […]

5 Jaw-Dropping Business Card Designs

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Business card designs are a fun way for business owners to let their creativity shine! The design possibilities are endless. Before you look at our list of Jaw-Dropping Business Card Designs for some  inspiration, first you should consider one of the basics to designing a business card. A major aspect to designing your business card […]

How to Sell Your Crafts: 3 Tricks from a Once-Reluctant Vendor

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Presenting your wares to the public for the first time can be spectacularly fun and horrifying all at once. A major introvert, I spent years trying to convince myself that I did not have to do the craft fair, the farmers market, or the pitch-to-retailers thing because I had a product of quality. I honestly […]

Great Ideas: How to Grow Your Business

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Sometimes it’s hard to find the best small business ideas. Not all business strategies are geared towards the small business owner, and discovering your options can be an overwhelming process. We know many small business owners have a specific question on their minds: how to grow your business? So, we’ve put together a brief list […]

Pitching Your Ideas for Classes to Festivals and Events

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Whether teaching is already an important part of your creative business, or you’d like to add it to your repertoire, you may be considering pitching your workshop ideas to creative festivals and events. These 5 tips will help you get started! 1) Decide what’s most important There are many different reasons you might want to teach at an event […]

5 Essential Business Card Design Tips

So business card design has you stumped, huh? That’s ok! Walking on the tightrope between “too creative” and “too professional” can be a little tricky, especially when you’re the owner of a crafty, handmade business. Nailing your business card design down so it complements your creative business and product aesthetic is crazy important. Your business […]

3 Tips: How to Tackle Your To-Do List and Rule Your Crafty Business

The to-do list… an essential part of small business organization. They can be daunting, but they’re necessary for remembering what needs to be worked on for a particular day, week, or month, and they’ll help you Stop Procrastinating. Instead of being intimidated by your to-do list, use the following hints to make it much easier! […]

From Office to Home: How to Start a Creative Business Within Your Own Four Walls

One day you are a creative, working in the corporate world with a set schedule, fitting art in at night or on weekends. The next, you are an independent artist or crafter, working from home. This sounds like a dream come true to many – doing what you love, full time, for a living. And […]

How to Motivate Yourself and Start That Creative Business Once and For All

You’ve been dreaming of owning a handmade stationary business all of your life, but somehow college, your first job, getting married, your second job, parenthood, and a whole slew of life-related messiness got in the way. It’s so easy to look back at your oldest dreams across the valley of your everyday life and think […]

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Podcast

A Creative Income guest post by Marie Segares from Underground Crafter. You can hardly consume any media these days without hearing about the power of podcasts. If you have been considering launching a podcast for your creative business, here are five questions to ask yourself before starting. 1. Do I want to launch a podcast […]