How Can Taking Some Time Off Be Good for Business?


Creative business owners are often celebrated for wearing multiple hats and logging numerous hours. They are seen as true work horses living the American Dream – but working without letup can be bad for you and your business. Not to mention family, friendships and marriages. Working without rest can jeopardize the business, your health and the […]

Small Business Tips: How Bloggers Can Protect Data From Hackers

Unfortunately, small business owners like bloggers don’t have the same budget as large multinational corporations. Large multinational corporations can hire a full department of information technology (IT) technicians to counter hackers. If you are self-employed, you can protect your data by following these three tips. 1. Have Foresight The self-employed may have a wealth of skills, […]

10 Ways to Increase Productivity – Part 2

10 Ways to Increase Productivity - Part 2

If the cold winter months are making you want to do nothing more than hide under a blanket all day, we completely understand. How can you motivate yourself to be productive when it’s so cold and dreary outside? Well, here at CreativeIncome, we are dedicated to banishing those winter blues and helping you get back […]

Craft Business News: February 2016 Edition

Craft Business News (Feb edition)

Let’s get real for a minute. Making crafting profitable is basically like running your own small business. And not only are you the CEO of this business, but you’re also the creative team, the manufacturer, and the marketer all rolled into one. That’s a lot of different responsibilities for one person to juggle! That’s why […]

10 Ways to Increase Productivity – Part 1

10 Ways to Increase Productivity - Part 1

Running your own successful crafting business is not an easy task. It takes great skill, discipline, and dedication to manage your own business. But we don’t need to tell you that – you already know how many hours of sweat, blood, and tears that you’ve poured into your dream. We’re here to say that we […]

Top Trends for Winter 2015

Untitled design(92)

Trends are important to a creative business owner. Staying on top of trends helps us know what shoppers might be looking for and it helps us to hone in on who our core customer is. The problem is that trends come and go. And in this day and age, they come and go rather quickly. […]

5 Jaw-Dropping Business Card Designs

CI - 6 Jaw-Dropping Business Card Designs(1)

Business card designs are a fun way for business owners to let their creativity shine! The design possibilities are endless. Before you look at our list of Jaw-Dropping Business Card Designs for some  inspiration, first you should consider one of the basics to designing a business card. A major aspect to designing your business card […]

How to Sell Your Crafts: 3 Tricks from a Once-Reluctant Vendor

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Presenting your wares to the public for the first time can be spectacularly fun and horrifying all at once. A major introvert, I spent years trying to convince myself that I did not have to do the craft fair, the farmers market, or the pitch-to-retailers thing because I had a product of quality. I honestly […]