How to Organize a Trunk Show for Your Handmade Goods


Trunk shows are a fantastic way to reach new customers and increase sales while strengthening your business relationship with stores. They entail selling your handmade items for the day (or a few days) and interacting with shoppers directly. Sometimes they are held at venues like hotels or salons, but generally this kind of event takes […]

The Top 3 Tips for Running a Booth

The Top 3 Tips for Running a Booth

We all know how crazy busy craft fairs can be. One minute you’ve got your booth all laid out perfectly and you’re waiting for customers to come by, and the next you’re trying to help five customers at once and answer a dozen different questions about your products. It can be very stressful! That’s why […]

Craft Fair Trend: Tie-Dye!

Craft Fair Trend: Tie-Dye

Are you excited for all of the upcoming spring craft fair shows? I know we are! We’ve been checking everywhere to see where all of our favorite crafters will be and to see what the hottest trends are this season. And the biggest trend that we’ve discovered for this upcoming spring season is… Tie-Dye! Now, […]

22 Crafts: 1 Secret Material

22 Crafts: 1 Secret Material

We’ve been keeping an eye out at all the recent craft fairs and trade shows that we’ve been to lately. And we’ve been starting to notice a growing trend. Have you noticed? Maybe you’re already on board with this trend, and you’ve beat the rest of us at the game. Maybe you’re still trying to […]

20 Crafts: 1 Secret Material (V-Day Edition!)

20 Crafts: 1 Secret Material

February is here, and you know what that means. Big red hearts, little flying cupids, chocolate kisses… you guessed it. It’s Valentine’s Day season! Every year we get excited to share the love with you through all of our adorable Valentine’s Days crafts. This year, we focused on one secret material that will be a […]