8 Craft Booth Tablecloths We Want Now

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One of the most important elements to your craft booth design is your tablecloth. Often underestimated, your craft booth tablecloth helps you hide your stock, store your craft fair essentials, draw attention to your booth, and much more! However, you want to keep in mind that you don’t want your tablecloth to overpower your overall […]

10 Christmas Crafts: 1 Secret Material

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I was recently thrifting at a local flea market and came across a booth selling old coffee burlap bags for a great price. I thought to myself, “What a great recycled crafting material!” So, I researched a bunch of burlap projects that could be made with this budget-friendly and classic crafting material that everyone loves. […]

11 of the BEST DIY Tablecloths for Your Craft Fair Booth

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One of the essentials to any craft fair booth is a tablecloth. If you have an eye-catching and complimentary tablecloth to cover your tables, then your craft booth design will instantly come together. Tablecloths come in handy too because they allow you to keep your extra merchandise under your tables without being seen by the […]

The BEST Christmas Craft Booth Inspiration

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Winter crafts shows are so important because it’s not only the busy season, but it’s the season of giving. Many craft booth owners will spruce up their booths with various Christmas decorations in order to attract more eyes, and in effect, attracting more gift-buying customers. You can stand out from the rest as well with […]

Best Craft Booths: Renegade Craft Fair 2015

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Hello, all! We attended the Renegade Craft Fair held on September 19th and 20th in the lovely Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago. The Renegade Craft Fair is one of the greatest gathering of crafters one can expect to find with a wide range of arts and trades available to peruse. It also happened to be […]

7 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair + Giveaway

7 Customer Service Mistakes to Avoid at a Craft Fair

There are a lot of mistakes a seller can make at a craft fair. Operating your own craft booth can be difficult, so avoiding common mistakes is key to a more successful craft fair experience. One common mistake is poor customer service. However, there are so many aspects to providing good customer service, you might […]

Free Printable Tags to Try at Your Next Craft Fair

Printable Gift Tags

Properly tagging and pricing your merchandise at a craft show is more important than you think. If your items are not priced or if it’s hard to see the price of a specific item, then chances are, that item will not sell. You’re more likely not to find a buyer for that item because not […]