Craft Show Bestsellers: What You Should Sell at Summer Shows

It’s common knowledge that people who sell things–at craft fairs or otherwise–often have to work a season ahead. In the late winter, people have swim suits and sun dresses on their brains, while during the summer they’re already thinking about getting cozy next to a fire with a mug of cider. When you’re thinking about […]

Crafty Business Tips: How to Survive an Outdoor Craft Fair

Summer is almost here, and that means one thing: it’s outdoor craft fair season! Since these events have the potential to draw in crazy amounts of foot traffic, they’re always an amazing opportunity to make extra sales and spread brand awareness. Plus, you get to enjoy beautiful weather while working. What’s not to love? Before […]

Craft Fair Tips: The Differences Between a Juried and Non-Juried Show

Your handmade business is up and running. You’ve got your handmade products, you’ve got your craft booth display down pat, and your craft fair emergency kit is packed and ready to go! There’s just one more fork in the road to consider: whether to consider a juried or non-juried craft fair. One isn’t necessarily better […]

Hit the Ground Running: Craft Fair Resources for Newbies

If you’re thinking about selling at craft fairs for the first time, you’ve probably already noticed there is a lot of information out there for vendors! It’s easy to become overwhelmed about starting this new aspect of your business. Today, I’m sharing several resources to help you start off your experience as a craft fair vendor on the […]