20 Crafts: 1 Secret Material (V-Day Edition!)

20 Crafts: 1 Secret Material

February is here, and you know what that means. Big red hearts, little flying cupids, chocolate kisses… you guessed it. It’s Valentine’s Day season! Every year we get excited to share the love with you through all of our adorable Valentine’s Days crafts. This year, we focused on one secret material that will be a […]

15 Valentine’s Day Decorations for Your Craft Booth

Valentine's Day Decorations for Your Craft Booth

There’s nothing better than attending a craft fair during a holiday. Everyone will have special products and merchandise out to go along with the theme of the holiday. And everyone at the craft fair will be in an especially chipper mood as they prepare for the coming holiday. That is why this year, we are […]

DIY Light Fixtures for Your Craft Booth

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As we discussed in our latest craft fair trends, light fixtures are definitely a great way to effectively showcase your merchandise and to attract browsing craft fair goers. You can use DIY light fixtures to highlight items that normally get lost in your display or to bring attention straight to your best-sellers. A creative and […]

The BEST Craft Booth Displays from the Renegade Craft Fair

CI - The BEST Craft Booth Displays from the Renegade Craft Fair(1)

We had the pleasure of attending the Winter Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago and were treated to a glorious abundance of wonderful craft booth designs. Each vendor seemed to optimize the space in order to ensure a great shopping and browsing experience. We absolutely fell head-over-heels for some of the craft booths and below are […]

Top Trends at the Renegade Craft Fair: Winter 2015

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We attended the 2015 Winter Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago, and as always, were blown away at the wonderful gathering of creations and creative minds. Being fans of anything craft fair related and obsessed with craft booth displays, we couldn’t help, but pick up what trends were dominating the event. These five trends below left […]