Entering the World of V-logging

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I’m not sure why I decided I wanted to use video in my blogs. It’s not a new concept. Not new at all! I heard about v-logs through social media around the same time I heard about blogging. I learned more about vlogs by participating on YouTube, too.

It’s not hard to create vlogs. Basically, you make a video, edit the video as you wish, upload it to YouTube and embed it into your blog. Different blog sites have different steps to embedding, but it is a simple process.
You can structure a v-log in the following ways:

  • A daily/weekly tip
  • A daily/weekly review
  • Product of the week
  • Demo of the Day/Week
  • Trend Watch
  • Hot Sites/Blogs
  • Creative Thoughts
  • Slide show

For me, each video takes about 15 minutes to set up and tape, 15 minutes to edit, and another 15 minutes to upload. I also embed it and write a few words of copy in a blog post. I am lucky to have a FaveCrafts.com editor, Kari, help me by posting the videos on the FaveCrafts Blog. So if you have techie friends, let them help!

We get lots of fun responses and comments and it really is a way to engage your readers.

In my v-logs, I like to include:

  • Reviews
  • New products I’ve found
  • Finished projects
  • Upcoming events
  • New projects
  • Holidays
  • Current events
  • Goofy hats and props
  • Projects gone wrong
  • Industry news
  • Social media

Vlogs are an option if you aren’t into writing. Many craft professionals aren’t, and I know this because we are always waiting to the last minute to write up instructions! There isn’t a need for words when you let the video tell your message. Use this medium to build your character. By that, I mean let the video be a way to connect your true creative self to your market. Vlogging does take some time at the start if you are learning as you go, but the time investment will pay off!

By: Maria Nerius, FaveCrafts.com Resident Craft Expert

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