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We all face challenges in our work. For some of us health issues, and physical limitations can arise, which means production can stops since there isn’t anyone else to pick up the workload. We also face isolation in our work and, for most of us, other people fuel our creative spirit. Our calendar can help us overcome most of these obstacles.

As you update and glance ahead on your calendar, there are some important appointments or meetings you need to schedule and make sure you don’t miss out! These appointments might surprise you but each is important to being a successful creative entrepreneur.


  • Schedule time to call up family and friends. It may seem a little corny, but a link to family and friends is important. It may be your time to step away from your work and take some “me” time to catch up with family or a friend. It may be your time to talk shop if a member of your family or a friend is also creative. Face it- unless someone knows crafts or art, they don’t totally understand what you do and how hard you work to succeed. A little time on the phone or even writing someone a quick e-mail can lift your spirits and give you creative energy.
  • Schedule time to do something you really love. Again, this is all about YOU. It can be a quick 15 minutes or a whole hour to just enjoy something you have a passion for. You may be saying, “But I love crafting!” Yes, that’s a given, but you need something outside of your work, too. I often step away from my worktable or computer to play with my dogs, fill the birdfeeders in my garden, or go swimming. It’s healthy to get some movement and action during your workday. Enjoy the fact that you have the freedom to include some “just me” activities. Don’t get so busy or so stressed that you forget about yourself!
  • Schedule a class. This works two ways- you can either volunteer to teach at a local school, library, senior center, or community event, or you can sign up for a class and be the student. The roles of teacher and student are a big part of creativity. You learn just as much by being the teacher and you do by being a student. The goal is to stretch your creativity and build your skill levels in art, craft, and communication. Use this time to develop your writing and speaking skills. The more you communicate, the better you get at not only getting your message across, but also at developing your listening skills. You may not even realize the importance of communication and networking skills, but both are necessary for success.
  • Schedule time to be still. I write this down for every day of the month. It takes 5 minutes and if I don’t write it down in my calendar, I forget the task. Some people like to take a moment of silence at the start of the day while others (who are probably tackling a large to do list) find the moments at the end of the day. Just take time to quiet that frantic brain. Clear your thoughts, relax your muscles, and do nothing. It’s a lot harder than it sounds! You can add meditation, prayer or whatever you like, but take the time to be calm and you’ll find some energy as a reward!
  • Schedule a treat! I love gifts! I love presents! Doesn’t really matter what I get; it’s just the joy of the surprise. You don’t have to be extravagant, but you should reward yourself with something nice, silly, thoughtful, or yummy at least once a month. Have you been eying a new tool? Would you like a pretty scarf to tie back your hair? Would a whimsical stuffed teddy bear make you smile? Go for it! The reason we work is to earn an income and if you can’t use some of that income to reward yourself than it doesn’t really mean much does it? And creative people tend to put everyone else first! Be a little selfish at least once a month and treat yourself to a touch of joy.

Did I surprise you with my appointments? Part of me hopes not and that you’ve already got plenty of “Me!” time on your calendar. The other part of me hopes that you’ll learn to make your “Me!” appointments and find that it does indeed improve your creative work life! Let us know how you schedule your “me” time!

By: Maria Nerius, Resident Craft Expert

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