8 DIY Gift Tags to Try at Your Next Craft Fair

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You spent all that time crafting and creating to make sure that there will be enough product to sell at the next big craft fair. You’ve decided how much change you need to bring, how to set up your booth, and how much everything is going to be priced at. Now it’s time for the price tags. You’ll hear over and over again how important signage can be for your sales, and it’s true. You want to make sure that you’ve not only priced your items reasonably, but also that passers-by can easily read the price of an item without having to ask you or look far away from the item they are considering.

Of course, creating your product is the most important part and once you’re done with that it can be hard to come up with creative and fun ways to tag all of the merchandise you just made. Well to help get your ideas flowing, I’ve put together this collection of 8 gift tag ideas to use as inspiration!

8 DIY Gift Tag Ideas

DIY Price Tag Tutorial

Making sure that each of your items is priced clearly is essential and extremely easy to do with this quick price tag tutorial shown above! All you need is a price tag punch, some paper, number stamps, and a hole punch. It doesn’t get easier does it?

I also found some really great recycled price tags made from a pretty patterned box! This tutorial is yet another reason why I save all cool cards and boxes – great source of cool paper!

If you already have a set of pre-ordered price tags, don’t worry! There are still lots of ways you can make those your own. Just think of them as blank canvases like this blogger did. Some stencils and pretty colored pens is all it takes to create your own original, unique, and memorable price tags.  Or you can take some embossing powder and create some gorgeous shapes to add some sparkle to plain paper tags. Any way that you can think of to dress up your tags will make them your own and give them a little something extra.

Embroidered Price Tag TutorialLast, but not least. I had to include this one because it was just too cute and I had never seen anything like it. This DIY Confetti Gift Tag is so much easier to make than it sounds and it gives you such a cool effect! It’d be perfect for sellers of kid’s toys or clothes don’t you think?

So there you have them. Some ideas for spicing up your price tags, because every detail counts!

More DIY gift tag ideas:

Free Printable Tags to Try at Your Next Craft Fair

DIY Foiled Leather Gift Tags

Seed Bomb Gift Tags

How do you display prices at craft fairs?

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  1. kris says

    I really like the ways you can tie the Tag to the Product. Love the recycled patterned paper idea. Anything to make your products more noticeable and memorable, to sweeten the sharing of crafting! Thanks

  2. Sheila Jones says

    I use manilla shipping tags that I tea dye and stamp with my info. As I make primitive/country sewn items they fit in well.

  3. Carrie says

    I use our business cards. We attach our merchandise to the business card, price on the back. That way everything is marked and the customer walks away everytime with our business card.

  4. Amber Vargo says

    I use a one inch circle punch, then use a needle to add a string to each before attaching to my item

  5. says

    Love, love, love all the great ideas here. Going to def try recycling beautiful boxes into tags and check out the price tag punch. Thanks for all the great tips.

  6. says

    I use a 1″ circle punch with thin plastic page dividers. Different colors = different prices and I attach them using jump rings and inexpensive clasps. When you sell an item, remove the clasp and reuse!

  7. B Bruce says

    For larger items I make my own tags using large or med sized price tag shaped punches. For smaller or tags required by that particular show, I buy a box of string loop tags from a local store fixture supply. They are very inexpensive.

  8. Linda Baggett says

    I get big scrapbook paper books when they are on sale. ($7) Trim it to fit my printer and print my business cards. Cut them out. Punch a hole for yarn tie. Put price, materials used and care info on the back. Customers get all my info, item info, right there on the tag that goes home with them.

  9. Shaz Star says

    I get the large 20-30 inch square sample books free from fabric stores, wallpaper outlets etc and cut them into tags or unusual shapes and glue or stitch them together with lace or scrap fabric as strings. Also used as business cards. Could be made from paper, vinyl or fabric. Shabby chic styles. They work really well and most are unique.

  10. Jaqui says

    Great ideas here, BUT about half the links did not exist or were unreadable even after clicking the translation button. Not cool!

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